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The GAP Intensive program is for individuals or organizations who/that have a deep commitment to alleviating poverty and are passionate about bringing positive changes globally; who want to increase the impact of the initiative, strengthen their personal and organization’s capabilities and become a part of a larger network of mentors, investors, corporate and like-minded social entrepreneurs.

GAP – Global Action on Poverty was created to enable Changemakers to amplify the impact they are having in the communities that live in poverty by providing them support, knowledge and resources that’s easily available through organizations, individuals and government and the rest of the world.  For this acceleration to happen, we designed a 12-month program called the GAP Intensive with the intent of supporting high potential Changemakers to dramatically increase their impact by 50%.

There are two roles through which you can participate in the GAP Intensive 2018:


Being a Change Leader – Ideal for people with 15+ years of experience, who will co-own a project for one year and contribute 1 day per month and bring an Intensive Catalyst that can engage in the initiative with them.


Being a Change Catalyst – Ideal for people with 7+ years of experience, who can bring their skills, competencies and innovative thinking into play for a year and contribute 1 day a month as well and work alongside the Intensive Leader.


The GAP Intensive is a 12-month program, starting from Jan 2019, and brings together Changemakers, working professionals (across experience & seniority levels), academics, coaches and other experts to collectively find new strategies and partners to deliver better impact. Here’s a brief video that sets the stage about the GAP Intensive.

Below are some key milestones that an executive will be involved in over the 12 months:


The GAP Change Leader Orientation – 31st Jan 2019, Ahmedabad, India

All the GAP Change Leaders will attend this 1-day Orientation and get familiar with the program and their roles and get sensitized to the social landscape


The GAP Annual Event / Launch of the GAP Intensive Program – 1st – 3rd Feb 2019, Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad, India

The GAP Intensive program will be launched at the Gandhi Ashram, where the Change Leader and Change Catalyst will connect with the Changemaker as part of the Annual Event.  The 3 days will be an immersive experience of the social and business worlds full of inspirations and collaborations


GAP Intensive Program for 12 months – Jan 2019 – Dec 2019

An extended team, comprising the Change Leader (business professional), Change Catalyst, Action Team (business executive, NGO person, and Coach), to work on the Changemaker’s initiative and provide support to achieve their impact goal.

Recognition of the Intensive at the GAP Annual Event – Jan 2020, India

Teams will be acknowledged for their work and receive certificates for having created impact in the communities


What do the roles involve?

As Change Leaders: The GAP Intensive Program works with high potential Changemakers to make their initiatives stronger and along with a team of powerful experts, works towards doubling the impact they are having on the ground. A Change Leader will co-own the project with the Changemaker for a year and bring their strategic thinking and implementation experience to the Intensive project along with their networks, which is all very valuable. The Change Leader will be mapped with appropriate Changemaker near to his base location and he needs to visit Changemaker location at least three times in an year. This engagement will require 1 day per month over the year. Change Leader should also enroll appropriate Change Catalyst for his/her project.


As Change Catalyst: The ‘Change Catalyst’  can bring his/her business and organization development expertise to the Intensive project and support the Change Leader to help develop strategies that can double the impact on the ground. This engagement requires 1 day per month for a year .


What do you gain?

In our experience, applying your skills, competencies and knowledge to a social cause expands your leadership capacities!

  • As an Change Leader, you play a leading hands on role in transforming an organization – and in turn, several hundred livelihoods and families.
  • As you engage with the Changemaker over a span of 12 months, the visibility towards tangible outcomes and the impact created is very high – giving a powerful sense of accomplishment
  • The environment that Changemakers operate in is unpredictable, and often challenged by resource scarcity. As a Change Leader you will need to come up with innovative strategies and solutions which can be truly transformative.
  • Dealing with ambiguity will be the norm and a great capability to build
  • Such experiences also inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset and encourages forward thinking – leadership traits that can only be honed through real-world experiences
  • And importantly, we have found that working with such diverse teams and circumstances have strengthened values of empathy, integrity and humility in our Intensive teams
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