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Changemakers discussing strategies at a Global Action on Poverty event
GAP has built a spectrum of services and resources to address Changemakers’ needs and to widen and deepen their impact. GAP Changemakers get to connect with relevant Coaches, Experts, Partners and Volunteers to expand their leadership capabilities, find effective strategies for their organization’s growth and take their initiative to the next level and most importantly, create a larger impact on the communities they serve. GAP supports its Changemakers through 3 key programs : The GAP Intensive, GAP Empowerment Programs and  MERA GAP

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The GAP Intensive

Our signature year-long program where selected Changemakers get strategic and on the ground support from a team of Experts, Coaches, Academicians, Student volunteers, Intensive leaders and implementation partners.


This program is highly engaging and aims to dramatically increase (at least by 50%) the impact that the Changemakers are creating.

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GAP Empowerment Programs

We empower Changemakers to create audacious visions and step up the impact they are having in their communities.

Our development programs enhance the leadership capability of the Changemakers and our resource programs give them access to solutions & people.

GAP Labs →


GAP Labs are our collaborations with many academic institutions across the globe. These labs engage multiple faculties to come up with innovative solutions for the problems and challenges faced by Changemakers.

GAP Learn →


GAP Learn enhances the Changemakers knowledge by providing them training and learning support in different areas that will empower them and make their initiative successful.

GAP Serve →


The vision of the GAP Serve program is to create a strong network of volunteers who can support and add value to GAP Changemakers’s initiatives & projects.

GAP Experts →


Global Action on Poverty (GAP) has on boarded industry experts to share their expertise and experience to address these challenges so that they can accelerate their impact.

GAP Empowerment Programs

GAP Coaching →


The program aims to unleash the potential of our Changemakers so that they can develop as leaders and also enhance their capabilities to effectively manage their initiatives and accelerate the impact.
The GAP Accelerate program helps Changemakers (CMs) to outsource their non-core services needs, enabling them to focus on their core objectives of their social initiative.

Mission Impossible Leaders at GAP →


People who take on impossible missions that many won’t touch, and ones that will make a huge difference to humanity. This Mission Impossible Leaders Program will be a transformational one.
The GAP Funds program offers a wide range of fundraising options for the Changemakers.
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