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Why do we need Mission Impossible Leaders?

So much is changing in our world. On one hand, we have the amazing technological and scientific progress that is enabling humanity to connect, learn and unleash its potential globally and on the other hand, we have had the side effect of globalization, rising capitalism and conflict, that has created inequity, destroyed communities, and left many  need leaders in our world today that can dream up solutions and possibilities that help us move beyond these challenges.
As Albert Einstein says, “we cannot solve our problems at the same level of thinking that created them.” We need leaders to take on seemingly impossible missions that change the way the world can be sustainable, equitable & abundant!

Who is a Mission Impossible Leader?

  • Stretches his/her capabilities and takes on new challenges, not only at work but in the world too.
  • Brings people along even if they are different, because they share the leader’s vision and will help achieve his/her dreams.
  • Is driven by a purpose much bigger than him/her and is simply unstoppable
  • Cares for the people and the earth. Exploitation of the earth is a complete no no!

And now imagine, a world with thousands of powerful, extraordinary leaders looking through a prism of a world of possibilities, and generating newer and newer ways of living, being and co-creating. A world of abundance, a sharing world, a world that appreciates the paradise we already have.

This is the vision of Mission Impossible Leaders, an organisation that brings transformational and intensive leadership programs to individuals and organisations globally. And at GAP we are looking to enrol extraordinary Changemakers to become Changeleaders and be part of this year long intensive program.

Program Details

Who should attend?

This program is for you if you


  • Have an underlying urge to expand your leadership and use it to have a powerful impact in the world
  • Want to get very clear about your life purpose and let that drive your activities and decisions in life and work
  • Have a desire to discover how to be totally free and unleash your potential
  • Want to change from within and become unstoppable

What are the benefits?

This program will enhance your capabilities to get really clear about who you are, and will enable you to expand your perspectives, learn the key tenets of collaboration, develop your self-awareness as a leader and bring alive the potential you see around you in people and in the world.


This intensely transformational program will free you from what is holding you back, enable you to have breakthroughs in areas that you hadn’t looked before and build your muscle in dealing with conflicts and breakdowns.

You will also find that your intuitive capacity, self-awareness and connectedness to others is enhanced and brings through new capabilities.

What will happen on this program?

No learning journey is identical for any individual and so we have developed intense learning and transformational experiences where each leader is submerged in Immersion Pods at different stages of the leadership program to deepen their learning.

There are 5 Immersion Pods that a leader or a group of leaders can choose to dip into over a period of 1 year.

In this pod, the leader focuses on clearing the past so that he/she can create powerfully from ‘now’.


This is an intensely transformational aspect of the leader’s development and allows them to feel free of what has been holding them back

This pod will enable each leader to find their life purpose and connect with their ‘Being’ and understand how to work with the core attributes of the Being – creative imagination, intuition, self awareness, conscience and connectedness to all beings and the universe.

This pod will give leaders the opportunity to play and enhance their true capabilities of enrolling people into their vision, communicating, listening deeply beyond what is said, enhancing partnerships to their potential and beyond conflicts and many more capabilities that unleash the authenticity and power of the leader.

In this pod, the leader gets to work on the ground and be of true service to a social or environmental project and gets a real understanding of the inspiring and challenging work of some of these projects and the people it empowers and impacts.

The leader’s visionary project is launched in this pod and the leader applies their new capabilities to make this project happen.


A seemingly impossible mission is envisioned that stretches the leader beyond all their existing constraints and also expands their world and perspectives.

Program Leaders

Manisha Dahad

Head of GAP

Manisha brings two decades of experience in the business & social sectors combined with lea...

Image of Simon McKenzie for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Simon McKenzie (MAC)

Managing Director
Bridge Institute

Mac is the Managing Director of Bridge and a Director of the Bridge Institute. For Bridge, h...

Sunil Savara, Managing Trustee, Head Held High

Sunil Savara

Managing Trustee
Head Held High

Sunil is the Managing Trustee and a co-founder of Head Held High Foundation. He also envisioned...

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