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Team photo for Global Action on Poverty

Mera GAP

At the GAP Event 2019, a critical mass (or tipping point) was reached where sparks were ignited in many community members who were committed to putting their energy to mobilize groups of people ~ Changemakers & Contributors, to deliver impact together. They were ready to take ownership, a key significant social moment at GAP. These opportunities ~ “social moments” are points in time where change is more likely and there is a greater likelihood of action being taken and supported by the community. This was the emergence of a movement, this was ‘Mera GAP’. This is where the power of humanity and power of love flowed through the collective providing fuel for more to be generated.

It was also a clear sign of how the power now needs to move from GAP to the Changemakers and Contributors. To take this initiative to scale local/regional chapters are launched, these are called the Mera GAP Chapter.

Ethos of Mera GAP



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