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Attendee taking notes at a Global Action on Poverty event
GAP Learn enhances the Changemakers knowledge by providing them training and learning support in different areas that will empower them and make their initiative successful.


To create a greater and a deeper impact on society, a Changemaker needs access to a variety of knowledge resources – from social domain specific knowledge to organizational effectiveness and leadership & team development.


  • Social domain knowledge can be new techniques for rice cultivation using less water, using RTI as a tool for building awareness, current laws on child labour, and many other areas.
  • Organizational effectiveness can cover project effectiveness and management, human resources, organization development, communications, impact assessment and reporting to build a strong organization.


  • Lastly, the leadership development of the Changemaker and their teams can ensures successful and impactful projects.


GAP Learn sessions will be delivered through Face to face Training Workshops, Talks, Online learning resources and Peer-to-peer learning.


Social Domain
  • Agriculture
  • Education & Skill Building
  • Healthcare
  • Water, Sanitation & Energy
  • Livelihoods & Micro-enterprise
  • Financial Inclusion
Organizational Function
  • Business Strategy
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Organization Strategy
  • Volunteer Management
  • Community Building & Mobilisation
  • Technology
  • Fundraising
  • Design, Marketing & Communications
  • Operations & Business Strategy
  • Partnerships
  • HR & Hiring
  • Legal
  • Data Impact & Monitoring
Leadership Development
  • Styles of Leadership
  • Personal Leadership
  • Succession Planning
  • Leading Teams


Percy Ghaswala

Anuj Mehra

Anuj Mehra


Madan Padaki

Amit Alex



Mac McKenzie

Manish Kothari

Manish Kothari

Sandeep Rai

K.V Anand


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