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GAP Coaching


The GAP Leadership Coaching Program is one of our first development programs initiated in December 2015. The program aims to unleash the potential of our Changemakers so that they can develop as leaders and also enhance their capabilities to effectively manage their initiatives and accelerate the impact.

This video is by one of the pioneers of coaching, Henry Kimsey-House, Co-Founder & Director of the Coaching Training Institute, California, USA, talks about the essence of Coaching

So what is Coaching Truly?

Coaching is a powerful tool, which has been extensively used, in personal and corporate situations to develop and enhance the capabilities of many.


Coaching is about change. Coaching is a method using empowering conversations, which help you to move from ‘where you are’ to ‘where you want to be’ in a transformative way.


It is an inquiry-based process, which creates self-awareness, brings realizations to the fore, helps you move beyond your internal barriers and blocks, enables action and develops accountability in you.


GAP Leadership Coaching is designed to bring out the best of your leadership potential and support you in moving forward with clarity and confidence to deliver the best social change impact that you can.

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For Changemakers

How can GAP Leadership Coaching benefit you as a Changemaker?

As a GAP Changemaker, you get to engage with a professional and socially aware GAP Leadership Coach over a short and focused duration where the Coach;

•   Listens to you deeply and empathetically without making judgement. This creates a free and open environment, which provides a fertile ground for insights.


•   Clarifies your mind. The Coach supports you to structure and streamline your inner thought processes and help you understand why you are doing what you are doing.


•   Supports you to reach your leadership potential and create awareness of your leadership style and expand your thinking to find better solutions.

•   Empowers you to go beyond victim mentality to an empowered state.  The powerful conversations can support you to move beyond any barriers that you may have.


•   Brings focus and priorities. Sometimes as a Changemaker, you may have a lot on your plate and need a sounding board to prioritize well.


•   Challenges your assertions and makes sure that you are


•   Creates accountability and helps you take ownership for what you are committed to. 

How does the GAP Leadership Coaching Program work?

The program is available to a select group of GAP Changemakers who are ready to use these services and commit to this program. There are no charges for this program.


We have 3 types of coaching engagements currently that will allow you to understand coaching and engage in a Coaching Relationship with the GAP Coaches.

The Coaching sessions will be delivered by highly qualified and experienced professional coaches. These coaches are also sensitized to social change and aware of the challenges and aspirations of Changemakers.
Coaching sessions will be offered over phone or over an online platform like Skype. In cases where the Coach and the Changemaker are located in the same city they may mutually decide to have face to face sessions.

      Where are you in the Coaching engagement journey?

  • Check out the GAP Coaching webpage
  • Attend Webinars and calls on GAP Coaching
  • Request for a Coaching Awareness call
  • Request for a Coaching Taster session


  • If interested, you can apply for a GAP coach to be assigned to you
  • You will be interviewed by the GAP Team to understand your coaching needs
  • A coach will be allocated for 3 months (6 sessions)
  • You will have a Chemistry Call with the assigned coach
  • Both coach and CM will confirm engagement
  • A Coaching Agreement will be signed


  • You will have fortnightly coaching sessions with your coach
  • You will be asked for monthly feedback on your coaching experience
  • The coach will recommend a Star CM who will be publicised on the GAP website and other communications
  • Coach will also provide monthly feedback on your progress


At the end of period

  • You can re-apply for coaching
  • The Same or different coach may be allocated
  • You will be requested to give feedback on your coaching experience

Premature closure

  • You will need to provide reasons
  • Your Coaching agreement will be cancelled


Coaching Programs

GAP Leadership Coaching Program

You can apply and engage in a 3 month focussed program consisting of 2 coaching sessions every month. Each session will last an hour and cover specific areas based on the goals you set with your Coach. At the end, you can renew your engagement.

Login to apply

For Coaches

This pioneering Coaching program provides you with an opportunity to expand your difference making and work with Changemakers to unleash their potential to have maximum societal impact possible.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to address one of the biggest challenges that humanity faces and we urge you to join an international group of Coaches to collectively make this difference.

What does the GAP Leadership Coaching Program mean for you?

Coaches can join the GAP Leadership Coaching Program for a year and engage with a variety of Changemakers pro-bono and take them on a transformational journey. We are looking for engaging, dynamic, experienced and heart-centered coaches who will work alongside CMs to enable them to reach their goals with their total commitment to the outcomes and also be the bridge between the Changemakers and GAP’s world of connections and resources.

Coaches will be involved in providing coaching sessions on the phone or on Skype and will be available for the different Coaching programs. For the GAP Leadership Coaching Program, you will be conducting 2 sessions a month of 1 hour each. You will also be available for Impromptu and Taster Sessions to support Changemakers further.

Who can be a GAP Coach?

We are looking for coaches with a unique combination of capabilities, experiences and values. If you satisfy the criteria below, you are on your way to becoming part of the GAP Coaches team;


3-4 years of professional coaching experience or 7-8 years of coaching experience as part of your professional role.


Have a certificate from a recognized professional Coaching body.

Exposure to the world of social change either through working and/or engaging with the development sector.


Driven by a calling to make change happen in the world and have complete belief in the potential of Changemakers to make their goals a reality.

     Where are you in the Coaching engagement journey?

  • Check out what is available on website
  • Apply by filling the Coach Interest Form
  • A GAP team member will have an Alignment Conversation
  • Confirm Participation if aligned
  • Attend a GAP Coach Training program
  • Sign a Coach declaration form
  • Align with the vision & objectives of GAP


  • Make your profile available for the GAP website
  • Be available for the coaching assignments, impromptu & taster sessions
  • Conduct coaching sessions
  • Provide feedback on CM’s progress
  • Attend virtual and physical events


  • Formally close coaching assignments
  • Provide feedback on the experience


If you are keen to explore and engage in this program, please complete this GAP Coach Interest Form.


Once we have received your Form, we will set up a conversation with you on telephone to understand your motivations & experience better and take you through the process of acceptance.

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