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Who can be a GAP Changemaker?

If you are the head of an NGO or a social enterprise or even an individual executing a project, you can become a GAP Changemaker.

Size does not matter.  What matters is that you are committed, passionate and are already on the journey in making a difference to communities that are in poverty or less advantaged. You also need to have;

  • Worked on projects in agriculture, education, livelihoods & enterprise, water, sanitation & energy, healthcare & financial inclusion.
  • A minimum of 1 year of engagement in your initiative and ready for further support.
  • The drive to make your initiative a success and be open to growing yourself and your team.
  • Openness to new perspectives, ideas and be ready to adopt new ways to increase your impact.
  • A deep commitment to poverty eradication and ready to work with others to make it happen.

Journey of a GAP Changemaker

The 3-step process to become a GAP Changemaker

We are looking for committed Changemakers who will engage proactively and make the most of all the support and benefits available to them, most of them at no or subsidised costs, through the GAP Community.  To ensure we get the right type of Changemakers on board, we have created a 5-step process which is described below.


How to Apply


Global Action on Poverty (GAP) invites applications from individuals who are working on a powerful initiative to eradicate poverty, or making a deep impact to less advantaged people, anywhere in the world. We believe that, if NGO’s, companies, professionals, individuals all work together we can use existing resources to move people out of poverty.



गैप ऐसी संस्था और व्यक्ति को आवेदन भरने के लिए प्रेरित करता है जो की गरीबी मिटाने के लिए जुटे हुए हैं | गैप विश्वास करता है कि विशेषज्ञता, संसाधनों और क्षमताओं को प्रदान करके जीवन के अनेक क्षेत्रों में काम कर रहे लोगों को समर्थ व सशक्त करने से लोगों को गरीबी से बाहर निकालने के उनके प्रयासों को बढ़ावा मिलेगा।



You will be interviewed by a GAP team member within 1 week of your application. This step is to understand your intent, deep commitment and vision for poverty eradication.

My Change Plan

My Change plan is a comprehensive document that details out your plan for creating social change through your initiative. You can access ‘Planning Sessions’ with one of GAP’s Professional coaches to create your ‘My Change Plan.

Why I love to be a GAP Changemaker


“I love the fact that I am part of GAP, I feel I belong to a community that is like me and stands for me”


Mayura Balasubramaniyam


“My GAP Expert helped me to get clear on my strategy and get better understanding of my financials, which I had struggled with”


Atchuta Rao


“हमने तो कभी बिटगिविंग, मिलाप जैसे नाम सुने भी नहीं थे  गैप ने हमे ये सब सिखाया और क्राउड फंडिंग के बारे में सिखाया|”


नवाज़ पाशा 


“I am able to focus on my goal with lot more clarity and conviction after interacting with my GAP Coach”


Varun Hemachandran


“गैप से लीडरशिप कोचिंग मिलने के बाद मुझे बहुत कॉन्फिडेंस मिला है और मैं अपनी संस्था अच्छे से संभाल सकती हूँ”


अनीता यादव


“Thanks to GAP Coaching, I am able to understand and communicate Bhumi’s Changemaker plan better. The coaching helped me to manage my time, the way I work and how I feel every day”

Dr.Prahalathan KK

Get in touch

If you would like to speak to someone at GAP about the application, contact us on

+91 80-41236851 or email us at

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