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The GAP Accelerate program helps Changemakers (CMs) to outsource their non-core services needs, enabling them to focus on the core objectives of their social initiative. GAP Changemakers require many resources to create the foundation for their organisations which are often not focussed on. These organisational practices and functions become key pillars that strengthen the activities of the social initiative/project.
The four pillars we are looking at are Legal, Accounting, Communication-Design and Technology services.
We at GAP aim to provide you easy access to these professional services so that you can focus on your core impact activities. These professional service partners have been selected by GAP and have agreed to contribute their services probono or at subsidised rates to the Changemakers.

What happens in the GAP Accelerate Program?

Access to services just a call away – You can raise a service request either through your Change facilitator (CF) or directly by applying below.

Curated set of service partners – GAP identifies and builds a pool of authentic and reliable service partners to make sure that you, the Changemaker is assured of the quality of services you receive.

Pro-bono or a negotiated fee for services – Changemakers get access to these services for free or for a subsidized fee.

What are the services you can access?

Accounting, Regulatory & Compliance Services

  • Initial Registration (as trust/society/Sec25)
  • Applying for 12A, 80G and FCRA registrations
  • Book of accounts/accounting audit
  • Filing IT returns and other submissions to ITD and FCRA regulators
  • Balance sheet & profit loss
  • On-going report submission to ITD on 12A and 80G

Legal Services

  • Legal support in drafting and reviewing of agreements e.g. rental, employment, grant/funding, Partnership MoUs & Non-disclosure agreements.
  • Legal advice on Registration, governance practices & employee practices.
  • Research on point of law e.g. disability rights, environmental law.

Design and Communication Services

  • Social Media presence and management
  • Designing online/offline brochures and other collaterals
  • Content Creation
  • Branding
  • Website creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Audio Video content
  • Domain Registrations

Technology Services

  • App development
  • Productivity tools
  • Customized Technology Development
  • Hardware systems
  • Data Analytics

Do you want to access the GAP Accelerate services?

If you are a GAP Changemaker and interested in any of the Services, please fill in the GAP CM Request Form.


If you are not a GAP Changemaker yet but want to access these services, please first fill the GAP Changemaker Application Form.

How can you become a GAP Accelerate Service Partner?

We believe that supporting and empowering Changemakers with expertise, resources and capability will augment their efforts in moving people out of poverty.


As a GAP Accelerate service partner, you will contribute in the Changemakers’ journey and enable them to deepen the impact they can create. If you are a service provider and would like to partner with us to support the Changemakers in their amazing Changemaking journeys, please fill the GAP Service Partner Interest Form and we will get in touch with you.


For any other queries, please reach out to our Organization Transformation Program team at


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