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Attendees at a Global Action on Poverty event

What is GAP?

Global Action on Poverty (GAP) builds and supports Changemakers across the world to eradicate poverty in all forms. GAP is a community of likeminded people who are working to create ripples of change and bring 1 million people out of poverty.


GAP is aligned with The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are a universal call to action to end poverty.

Who/What is a changemaker?

Changemakers are a diverse set of individuals. They are heads of an organization or social enterprise or even an individual who is committed, passionate and tirelessly working to bring people out of poverty in myriad ways. GAP provides these Changemakers a range of resources and capabilities through partners, to enable them to transform the level at which they work.

Why should we register with GAP?

Once you have joined us in this changemaking journey you are a member for life. You are part of a growing, thriving community that leverages support from one another. The GAP community consists of Changemakers, Thought Leaders, Coaches, Mentors, Experts and Partners from across the world. The combined power of this community helps you to bring immense shift in your leadership, enhance your organizational capability and get you connected to a world of resources.


GAP will be with you in creating the greatest impact that you want to bring in the community you serve.

What is the process of registration and application?

The process of registration is very simple. Apply to be a Changemaker by filling the form. This takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Once we receive the application, we will send you an email regarding the next steps.


At the completion of each step, you will receive an acknowledgement and communication about the next step.

Apply Now

Can I apply if I have an idea for creating social impact but have not started on it?

We only accept applications from people who have demonstrated commitment and have worked on the idea for at least 1 year. The objective is to accelerate the impact that such individuals are already creating on the ground.

What are the benefits of getting selected as GAP Changemaker?

The greatest benefit of being selected as a GAP Changemaker is being part of a community that stands for and supports each other in the changemaking journey. You can access from many GAP empowerment programs to build your personal leadership, grow and enhance your organizational capability and to get connected to a world of resources and partners. At every stage of your engagement with GAP we ensure that we connect you to the right resource or partner and provide you with support that will help you create more impact on ground.

Which are the areas that GAP is accepting applications from?

GAP is accepting applications from organizations or individuals working in Agriculture, Education, Livelihoods & Enterprise, Water Sanitation & Energy, Healthcare, Financial Inclusion.

Is there a deadline for submitting applications?

For the 2018 cohort GAP is accepting applications till July 10th. We are calling 500 Changemakers into our fold this year. An early application will be very helpful to complete the selection process and open out relevant resources to those selected.

How to apply? What if I do not have connectivity / online access?

You can apply in three ways – please choose the one that is most convenient for you:

  • You can complete the Application form here. If you have any problems when completing the applications online, please call our GAP helpline 080 – 41236851
  • Download a pdf version of the application from our website, complete it, scan and email it back to us at
  • Alternatively, you can request a printed application form by calling the helpline on 080-41236851 (10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday). We will send it to you by post and you could courier the completed application back to us on our mailing address.

What happens if I lose connectivity while filling the online application?

The form comes with a feature, which saves the details you have entered, and you can continue from where you left off next time.

Which languages are available for the application/selection process?

We are currently able to support English and Hindi. We hope to expand our reach eventually. Apart from English and Hindi GAP team members can speak in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil.

What happens after I get through all stages and get selected?

To get selected as a GAP Changemaker you need to complete the mandatory 5-step process. They are: application, screening, creating your Change Plan, attending the orientation webinar and the contribution model. To know more about the 5-step process click here.

Once you have completed all the steps you are eligible to access GAP Programs that best suit your need.

Please note: All shortlisted GAP Change makers need to create a Plan for your organization. Once you have submitted the plan we will be connecting you to a professional GAP Coach who will help you with fine tuning your plan for change in the coming one year.  We call this the Change Plan.

What happens if I am not selected?

In case you are not selected to be a GAP Changemaker we will send across communication regarding this. We do encourage such applicants to apply again next year when you have created some impact and are clear on your journey to bring change in the community you work for.

Further questions?

You can email us at or call our helpline (+91 80-41236851) or post your request to:

GAP Team
643, 11th Main, 7th Cross
HAL 2nd Stage Indiranagar
Bangalore 560038

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