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Engage with GAP

Global action on Poverty (GAP) invites committed individuals and organizations from various domains to support us in every step of the changemaking journey of our Changemakers.



Whether you are a homemaker, a student, a working professional or an elderly, there is always someone out there who can benefit from your help. If you have the time, passion and inclination to create a social change, here is an opportunity you can make the most of.


Volunteer with GAP Changemaker:

Changemakers are in constant need of support in their initiatives in diverse domains like Agriculture, Education, Livelihoods and enterprise, Water, Sanitation and Energy, Healthcare and Financial inclusion. Youd ont need to have experience in any of these areas to volunteer.  If you wish to be a part of their journey, complete this interest form.


Volunteer with GAP Organization:

Here is an opportunity for individuals who would like to be part of the GAP team at Head Held High and support as a volunteer in any of their exciting programs.  If you are inetersted, please drop us an email at


Would you like to use your expertise and competence to create a better world? Changemakers are in constant need of your expert advice and focussed support to take their initiative to the next level.


If you wish to empower Changemakers with your expertise and knowledge, complete this interest form.  To see the profiles of other Experts, click here.


GAP Coaching aims to unleash the potential of our Changemakers so that they can develop as leaders and also enhance their capabilities to effectively manage their initiatives and accelerate the impact.


If you wish to support Changemakers as a Coach and help them transform, complete the interest form here.


Partners from different spheres such as Academia, Corporates, Foundations/charities, Impact Investors, Governments and others have joined hands with GAP to empower these Changemakers to make poverty history. If you wish to partner with us, please email us at

GAP Intensive Leader

If you have the potential to co-own the big idea along with the intensive Changemaker and bring about a dramatic change in the impact a Changemaker is having in one year, please write to us

GAP 'A' Team member

If you would like to provide your expertise and perspectives to the Intensive over 2 – 3 months, please write to us at

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