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GAP Empowerment Program

GAP Coaching

The GAP Leadership Coaching Program is one of our first development programs initiated in December 2015. The program aims to unleash the potential of our Changemakers so that they can develop as leaders and enhance their capabilities to effectively manage their initiatives and accelerate the impact.

Coaching is a powerful tool, which has been extensively used, in personal and corporate situations to develop and enhance the capabilities of many.

The program is available to a select group of GAP Changemakers who are ready to use these services and commit to this program. There are no charges for this program.


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GAP Experts

Global Action on Poverty (GAP) offers its Changemakers a range of resources and capabilities to accelerate their journey and enable them to deepen the impact they create. Changemakers require focused support and diverse perspectives to be able to create a larger impact on their initiative.

They are often looking for guidance and support from experts in different areas so that they can address the challenges they are facing. Global Action on Poverty (GAP) has on-boarded industry experts to share their expertise and experience to address these challenges so that they can accelerate their impact.


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GAP Accelerate

The GAP Accelerate program helps Changemakers (CMs) to outsource their non-core service’s needs, enabling them to focus on the core objectives of their social initiative. GAP Changemakers require many resources to create the foundation for their organizations which are often not focused on. These organizational practices and functions become key pillars that strengthen the activities of the social initiative/project.

The four pillars we are looking at are Legal, Accounting, Communication-Design and Technology services.

We at GAP aim to provide you easy access to these professional services so that you can focus on your core impact activities. These professional service partners have been selected by GAP and have agreed to contribute their services pro-bono or at subsidized rates to the Changemakers.


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GAP Serve

Every organization working in the social space has limitations of various resources to grow effectively. Having an additional passionate individual supporting their organization through time, skills and expertise provide stability and diverse perspectives. This support is required at a functional or operational level.

We welcome everyone to engage and participate in this program. Whether you are a homemaker, a student, a working professional or an elderly, there is always someone out there who can benefit from your help.


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