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About Us

GAP harnesses the power of “for-profit organizations” (corporates and professionals) to help “Social Impact organizations” (NGOs/social enterprises as Changemakers) innovate & deliver substantially more impact on the ground. It’s an elegant model designed to harness value from strengths of what each does best to eradicate poverty.  GAP today has over 500 Changemakers across the country, working across various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – supported by 700+ community of corporate leaders, Coaches, Mentors/Experts & Volunteers.

GAP was conceptualized as a movement in 2015– a movement that is owned by every Changemaker and collaborator from across the country. The objective of GAP is to create and strengthen eco-systems to move people out of poverty faster.The ethos of GAP is of oneness, humanity, service and celebration! Within GAP everyone lives their purpose.This needs to change, makes no sense now.

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