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Rural-Urban Education Divide | Thinksharp Foundation in education sector

Mr. Santosh Phad started the session by narrating his own story as a Changemaker and talking about the path he followed to become the same by quitting his corporate job. His topic for the talk was “Rural-Urban Education Divide”. He shared how Thinksharp Foundation is creating a significant social impact in the field of Education. He gave the statistics of Population dynamics of India with respect to the education sector. He stated that where 68% of the Indian population lives in rural parts, it is imperative that delivering quality education to these rural parts is of utmost importance. He also presented stats about the rural population consisting of 19.66 crore school going children (1st to 8th Std), out of which, 14.65 crore are enrolled in rural schools. He compared the gap between quality of education in rural and urban parts of the country to being Bharat and India. His talk focused on the need of intervention by Thinksharp and problems of education sector in the present day scenario.

In the next segment Santosh explained how Thinksharp is giving better and modern learning tools and educational programs in rural schools. He also talked about the financial support being given to children of economically backward families by Think Sharp. One of their solutions, the Studymall is a space with colourful classroom with library, computer, digital learning tools and offers educational programs and games for children to read, learn and play. Studymall is free-of-charge for all these children.

His concluding segment included showcasing the impact created by Thinksharp and their future plan to transform 100 rural schools in Maharashtra.

About: Santosh

Santosh is a hardcore optimist who believes in what Napoleon Hill had said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Santosh himself is from small village Mandwa in Maharashtra, who has completed his graduate level education at the district level and then got chance for PGDBM from Rizvi Academy of Management, Mumbai. His work in the finance sector for several years and education in Mumbai helped him lot to understand rural and urban education difference. Now he is aiming to help society through Think sharp Foundation in the education sector.

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