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Attendees of the flagship Global Action on Poverty event in 2015

GAP Annual Event 2018

GAP 2018 will be held at the Gandhi Ashram, the sacred space of the Mahatma. This not a typical conference.  The intention is actionable outcomes to be produced at the event.  Less talk, more work!

Companies, NGO’s partner together, form collaborations, across various programs designed to secure an action / outcome at the event. Academia from India, overseas – London Business School, Imperial College, S P Jain, IIM’s, are involved in the event. 


Date : 16 – 18 Nov, 2018

Venue : Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad


Why Attend?

The ‘GAP Intensive’ program will be launched for 100 Changemakers (CM’s), and 400-500 Business Leaders who will work with them to transform their Impact!

The event will be 3 powerful days of immersive experiences, focussed on amplifying impact.

Who you will meet

– 400-500 of senior business leaders from companies 

– CEO’s of large companies – Indian and overseas

– Mentors of the stature of Mohd Yunus, Bunker Roy, Harsh Mander, Ela Bhatt,

– Professors from London Business School, Imperial College, Indian universities

– Charities, Trusts, funding organisations, impact investors



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