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Sujay Santra, | Why I quit MNC to become a Changemaker?

Mr. Sujay Santra, Founder and Director of Ikure Techsoft, and a GAP Changemaker, illustrated his journey and narrated why he quit a Multinational Company to work in the social sector. Sujay started his career with a company called and worked in companies like IBM and Oracle. He also tried his luck at business and found his own E-commerce firm, Denicasoft Consulting. Though he was had a lucrative job with Oracle, he was unhappy with the way his life was going. Although he had a very decent and satisfying life, he had an identity crisis and constantly asking himself ‘Where do I see myself in five, ten years down the line?” He resigned from Oracle, and got into his own business. He then started to think about how he could change many people’s lives; something triggered in him and he started to feel he needed to do something.

The answer came after a short trip from Kharagpur to Habra in 2009, when Sujay accidentally boarded the vendor’s wagon on a local train. The place was full, messed up, and he found himself sandwiched between hundreds of people, trying to stretch his hand just to hold on something. Having reached the station after two hours and taking a taxi to the countryside, he met around 50 locals aiming to introduce a new technology, so they could use it as an interface to connect rural places to the hospitals. They said, “If you can really do this it would be great”, and Sujay could see tears in their eyes. Going back home that day, he felt as having found a new purpose in life. He did a lot of research to understand how this particular thing could be addressed. Obviously, it was impossible to build hospitals overnight to solve the huge gap within the healthcare sector. After giving it a lot of thought, Sujay came up with this idea of making technology become a platform for quality, good, affordable and accessible healthcare services for the common man. After a year of research, in 2010 he ventured into rural health care services with the creation of iKure Techsoft and a health monitoring system to connect patients with doctors. Since then, he has been constantly moving towards his goal.



About – Sujay Santra

Sujay Santra, Founder & CEO of IKURE. Before IKURE, he was a Solution Architect in Oracle, Team Lead at IBM, System Executive at NIIT Technologies Pvt ltd. Founder & Owner of Denicasoft Consulting that caters for Ecommerce. He completed his Masters in IETE, O.U. Hyderabad. He was awarded as a NDTV Good Samaritan of the Year 2016.  His main aim is to cut down the problems, which are facing by rural people in the case of basic primary health issues.  He also created a unique solution called WHIMS which serves the rural people directly with the doctors even if they are not reachable because lack of internet facility and electrification.

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