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Rajesh Bhat, co-founder & Managing Trustee of Head Held High

Mr. Rajesh Bhat started his talk by saying how “Foolish & Stupid” he was to start his journey as a social worker at the very young age of 25. He illustrated the power of women empowerment with the example of a young girl from Tumkur, who had never received any kind of education in her entire life. This girl was selected and trained for basic life skills by Rajesh’s organization Head Held High. Soon after the training, she got selected for a Genpact project in New Delhi. Her parents were initially reluctant to send her to this project but she was able to somehow convince them eventually. With the kind of training she had got, she was able to rope in some projects from the same company which she outsourced and completed successfully. Over the next few years, she managed to get several other projects. After couple of years, she decided to become an Entrepreneur herself. She rented few computers, hired some staff and started a small company. She did not succeed with the company she started but she did not give up, instead, she started a training center to support other aspiring girls in her village. In his session, Rajesh gave many such examples of women getting transformed with a positive intent. According to him, empowerment starts with the inner belief of the person.

About – Rajesh Bhat

Rajesh Bhat, co-founder & Managing Trustee of Head Held High, hails from a small village in Sirsi, Karnataka. After completing his engineering, he started working as a software engineer for an Infosys incubated Company called On Mobile. At the age of 25, in 2007, Rajesh decided to move away from the Software Industry and dedicate the rest of his life to enable the youth and children of the country to become more capable. With the above vision, he helped start Head Held High Foundation in 2007. Magic Wand was started as an associate organization of Head Held High subsequently, which was later run by him as a part of his overall responsibility. Through Head Held High Foundation, Rajesh’s work has impacted lakhs of people directly and indirectly, and he has now emerged as an influential leader in the space of Education and Training. Rajesh is an inspiration to the youth of the country – as an educator, young entrepreneur, and a visionary leader.

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