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Lokesh Venkataswamy | Design Thinking for Greater Good – Innovation in the Social Sector

Mr. Lokesh V, Managing Director of Innomantra Consulting delivered a talk on most unique topic of this month’s Elevate conference, “Design Thinking for Greater Good – Innovation in the Social Sector” Design thinking concept is very well-known subject in the corporate world but in this session, Mr. Lokesh clearly articulated how this design thinking can be applied to social organizations like NGO. According to Prof. Jeanne “Design thinking is an approach to solving problems especially suited to conditions of high uncertainty.” Design Thinking Framework empowers to become a creative catalyst with a systematic approach to Innovation in the workplace. The core principles of design thinking and leadership will help the organization to solve challenges and build a culture for Innovation by organization-wide deployment. He continued explaining that an organization needs to have Three aspects of creativity/innovation in an organization: Expertise, Creativity Skills, Task Motivation.

In the next segment, he continued explaining if an organization wants to be successful it needs to innovate relentlessly, should understand the pain points of the key stakeholders, and measure the innovation. Design Thinking is a problem-solving process that combines creative and analytical thinking to generate new solution. In a nutshell an organization after deeply understanding the needs of stakeholders they should discover new possibilities and use the first solution as stepping stone for better as there is always scope for improvement.

In the concluding segment, he narrated about Design as a Set of Behaviors (Growth Mindset & Fixed Mindset), Design Thinking for Growth; which covered what is? What if? What wows? And What works? elements of growth. Overall this talk gave a different perspective for NGO’s to power-up and innovate their work and impact.




About – Lokesh Venkataswamy

Lokesh Venkataswamy, Managing Director of Innomantra Consulting. He is an IP Strategist where he advise the number of organizations to design and achieve their innovation and intellectual property goals. A PGDBA (MBA) graduate in Marketing from Symbiosis, Pune and completed his post-graduate diploma in Intellectual Property Law, Patents Management and Portfolio Management Advisor from National Law School of India University, Bangalore. Before joining Innomantra Consulting Pvt ltd, He started his career as Mechanical Designer in Larsen & Toubro ltd and Intellectual Property Management officer. With his work experience, he was promoted as process mentor for the Intellectual Property Management and New Product Development. He is a Design Thinker and Speaker in Innovations and IPR conferences. He is well known for Strategies which be applied for Innovations and IPR.



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