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Bhasker Sharma,| How to Leverage Corporate CSR for Grants?

Mr. Bhasker Sharma delivered a talk on one of the most sought-after topic by most Changemakers, “How to Leverage Corporate CSR for Grants?”. During his session, he talked about areas like sources of funds for non-profits, what does corporate CSR landscape look like, corporate CSR implementation, Do’s and Don’t of CSR funding and some other useful tips for non-profits on CSR funding. Bhasker gave an overview of the approximate size of corporate CSRs. He also shared important information pieces like how many company have a CSR budget, what is their annual giving and to which sectors do they focus on. While explaining about CSR implementation he highlighted that one-off events such as marathons, sponsorships of TV programs/awards are not part of CSR expenditure. However, it may be given under Marketing or business budget of the company. He also shared that nonprofits should try to approach CSR’s in Q4 or Q1 of the business year and that they need to be patient and make prudent follow-ups and respond to queries in timely and specific manner. It was a very informative talk that explained the nuances of the Corporate CSR Grants and how non-profits can leverage it to their benefit.

About – Bhasker Sharma

Bhasker Sharma, A Trustee in Gita Krishnamurthy Trust involved in fund raising, strategy and development of Gita Krishnamurthy Vidyalaya a school for underprivileged people. He was also a Giving Manager – India & APJ (Corporate CSR) in Dell and was Executive Director, Opportunity Network for Disabled in Wardhani Foundation. He was keen in Social Service, left his job, and started himself as Trustee, Fund Raiser, Volunteer and Board Member in different Organizations.

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