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Elevate Virtual Conference with – Mac Mckenzie – Gap

Our Speaker of the day Mr. Mac McKenzie illustrated this very informative and useful talk on “The Seven Transformations of Leadership.”  The aorta of this topic is to understand stages of leadership an individual goes through in his/her lifetime. He started his talk with a text about a renowned and inspiring world leader Nelson Mandela and how he transformed South Africa into a rainbow nation.

Level of Consciousness is studied by number of people around the globe they all concluded that even adults have developmental stages just like a child, therefore Elevate Sense Makers has Vertical Development. There are broadly seven major developmental stages for adults: Opportunist, Diplomat, Expert, Achiever, Individualist, Strategist, and Alchemist. Furthermore, he continued explaining about level of sense making, which in turn has three realms: (i) The Personal: Who you are and what’s happening within you. He quoted a famous quote from 6th century Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu, “To know others is wisdom, to know yourself is enlightenment” (ii) Interpersonal: The knowledge of relationship an individual is having and how to interact (iii)The Cognitive.

In the Final segment he explained about development/transition from one stage to another. In this segment we understand what the time frame is required for an individual of one stage to get transformed with set of goals and style, and what kind of respect and reward he gets from the transformation. He also illustrated what should be action plan if one is in the particular stage of development.


About – Mac

Mac is the Managing Director of Bridge and a Director of the Bridge Institute. He is responsible for the management of the P&L, the execution of the strategy, key government and commercial relationships and BRIDGE’s not-for-profit work. He graduated from Oxford University with a Masters in Engineering, Economics and Management. He is trained and qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Myers Briggs and Systems Theory. Mac has extensive operational and leadership experience at senior level in both private and public sector. He specializes in designing and delivering pioneering leadership and strategy development programmes. He has worked with senior teams across more than 15 industries, including financial services, education, climate change, logistics, aerospace, construction and defense.

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