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Creating New Source of Water Out of Thin Air – Jonathan Risley

Our speaker Mr. Jonathan Risley illustrated his inspiring journey with ThinAir and on topic “Creating a New Source of Water Out of Thin Air.” He started his talk by telling how he started ThinAir and what is the problem he is addressing through his initiative. Access to clean drinking water is the most important requirement and many countries are facing grievous water problem. So, Jonathan and his team came up with the great concept of ThinAir. He presented the world bank research figures which says 44% of the world will water crisis by 2025 and currently Middle East & North African nations has access to 1.5% if fresh water with 7% of world population. ThinAir’s focus will be on this region.

Furthermore, he explained what the solution his team is proposing to solve this water crisis: (i) Low Cost (ii) Decentralized Solution (iii) New Source of Water. Since air contains water his team decided to leverage this source as there is 140 quadrillion liters of water available in the atmosphere. But before deciding to go ahead with their plan they first shortlisted the current sources of water which are available and assessed its shortcomings and proved how their solution is better than others.

In the final segment Jonathan clearly explained the process of how exactly the ThinAir is collecting the water from the atmosphere and how it is impacting the livelihood. He also illustrated his journey and major milestones with the ThinAir right from the beginning. To conclude ThinAir is the need of the hour to address global water crisis.


About – Jonathan

Jonathan is the Co-Founder and CEO of ThinAir Water. He is a graduate of Imperial College with a BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology (1st). He is currently driving the growth and momentum of ThinAir, a startup that he co-founded which is providing the solution to the world’s water crisis by capturing water directly from the air.

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