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Our speaker Mr Anuj Mehra illustrated how Mahindra Finance is Impacting lives in Rural India but also with commercial viability. Some of the beneficiaries of this project are a Weaver who earns a mere 700 rupees, a lady who collects waste from textile and sells them, a lady who runs mess to students, and a person who sells masala packers for living. He credits the success of this initiative by Mahindra Finance to his 8500 passionate team members. The team is not funded by parent company of Mahindra nor its is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative this is a clear case of “Marriage of Social Impact and Commercial Success”.

There are two large issues when there is Commercial Success and Social Impact and they are (i) Pricing and (ii) Business Model. The General Perspective of the society is that whenever price is involved it is perceived as Social Impact is not possible, but Mahindra Finance uses a unique Pricing Model where they are positioned between Money Lender and the Bank, there model has the convenience of Money lender, trust of a bank and priced accordingly. He quoted “Social Impact does not mean discounting. It is about providing the right value at the right price to the right audience.” While talking about business model he further said any organization for commercial success should find answer to certain questions, Whom to Serve (The Value Customer), What to Offer (The Value Proposition), and How to Deliver (The Value Network).

The key takeaways from this talk for the organization who are looking to have social impact with commercial success are, Design the business model carefully, Price the offering appropriately, and Leverage Technology.


About – Anuj Mehra

Alumnus of Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad Mr Anuj Mehra is the Managing Director of Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Limited (MRHFL), which is in the business of housing finance loans. With a well-rounded experience across functional areas and over 16 years of experience in the Financial Services Sector, Mr. Mehra began his journey with Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Limited as the Chief Executive Officer in 2007. He began his career with Lakme Limited (in Sales and Marketing) for around 7 years before taking over as the All India Sales Manager of the Pharmaceutical division of Lakme Limited for a short while. He then made his entry into the Financial Services sector when he joined ITC Classic Finance Limited where, during his tenure with the company, he worked as Regional Manager, General Manager (West) and Assistant Vice-President. He has also worked at the 20th Century Finance Corporation as the Vice-President, and at the Centurion Bank Limited,where he successfully handled various challenging job responsibilities. He then joined Mahindra Gesco Developers Limited where he handled their Marketing portfolio.

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