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GAP Intensive Initiative

Provide Clean and Affordable Energy Access

Start Date : 15 September 2017

Big Impact Goal

To bring clean energy access to a 1000 households in rural India by 2018.

About Picoenergy

Image of Bhushan Trivedi, Changemaker for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Bhushan Trivedi



Piconergy is addressing the issue of energy poverty in India, where more than 300 million people still live without access to electricity. Piconergy facilitates access to clean, affordable and reliable energy solutions to the financially poor and under-served households.


Through its first product HELIOS, a solar home lighting and mobile charging solution, it primarily focused on households which still dependent on kerosene, candles, etc for lighting and making them independent from using them.

Going ahead, Piconergy aims to develop value for money, quality clean energy solutions of higher energy capacities, where the idea is to catalyze the socio-economic development and create a positive impact through energy access in the lives of the undeserved.

GAP Intensive Initiative images for Bhushan Trivedi, Picoenergy
GAP Intensive Initiative images for Bhushan Trivedi, Picoenergy
GAP Intensive Initiative images for Bhushan Trivedi, Picoenergy

Key Achievements

Team clear on Bhushan’s work

Framework created

Narrowed the regions to implement the framework

Connected to Amit Mehta from MFI to help Bhushan

Connected to rural spark Partner to know about their Model to help Bhushan Trivedi to implement

  • 1st Sept 2017

    Intensive Leader & Changemaker Connect

  • 5th Sept 2017

    Formation of 'A' Team

  • 8th Sept 2017

    Initial 'A' Team & Changemaker Connect

  • 10th Sept 2017

    Field Visit by 'A' Team

  • 21st Sept 2017

    Deeper Understanding by 'A' Team (weekly calls)

  • Pending

    Defining Big Impact Goal

  • 5th Oct 2017

    Brainstorming on Strategies/Ideas

  • Day 70

    Choose Key Strategies

  • Day 20 - 200

    Leverage Partners & Connections

Planning & Execution
  • Day 60 - 70

    Create Big Impact Plan

  • Day 90

    Power Up Session with Intensive Council

  • Day 70 - 364


  • Day 180 & 270

    2 Power Up Sessions with Intensive council

  • Day 365

    Final Impact Presentation


‘A’ Team


Image of Dipankar Guha for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Dipankar Guha

Management Consultant

He is a management consultant and is based out of Kolkata. He was previously working with Godre...


Image of Narayanan Shankar for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Narayanan Shankaran

Coach & Country Ambassador
Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches

Narayanan is a GAP Coach and a Country Ambassador at Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC). ...

Business Expert

Image of Sohil Shah for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Sohil Shah

3i Network

Sohil is working as the Associate Vice President of Intellecap Impact Investment Network and is...

Social Sector Expert

Image of Manish Khandpasole for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Manish Khandpasole

Project Coordinator

Manish Khandpasole is the Project Coordinator at Disha. He  manages all field activities, and ...

Student Volunteer

Female silhouette

Varsha More


Varsha holds a Masters of Arts and Arthashastra Masters in philosophy in Marathi. She also has ...

Student Volunteer

Image of Samhita Khuntia for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Samhita Khuntia


Samhita is the youngest member of this ‘A’ team. A recent graduate of Shri Ram College of C...




1Bridge is supporting Picoenergy to make sure the product reaches people in rural areas who do not have access to electricity.

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