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GAP Intensive Initiative

Empowering Farmers & Tribal Villages

Start Date : 15th August 2017

Big Impact Goal

To support Estah society to scale up the project in 3 states and location in the coming 1 year.

About Estah Society

Image of Atchuta Rao, Changemaker for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Atchuta Rao

Estah Society


Estah society was established in the year 2009 with the clear objective to empower farmers and tribal villages through various models of agriculture. They also train the farmers and support them with various livelihood skills required in the area of agriculture.

Apart from this they have been working with tribal villages to empower them through farming. These farmers are given knowledge, skill, implementation and marketing support.

GAP Intensive Initiative images for Atchuta Rao, Estah Society
GAP Intensive Initiative images for Atchuta Rao, Estah Society
GAP Intensive Initiative images for Atchuta Rao, Estah Society

Key Achievements

Main project narrowed down and finalised

First meeting with one of the key partenr NABARD from the area of agriculture

Connection initiated with the NABARD Chairman through the Intensive Leader in Mumbai

Clarity of Strategy and way forward with Intensive Leader.  Focus became the increase in livelihoods for farmers through muti-cropping.

Key funding proposal prepared by Atchuta and the Intensive Leader and presented  to the NABARD Chairman in Mumbai aiming for 10 crores to initiate farming at 5 locations.

  • 17th Aug 2017

    Intensive Leader & Changemaker Connect

  • 1st Oct 2017

    Formation of 'A' Team

  • 22nd Aug 2017

    Initial 'A' Team & Changemaker Connect

  • 24th Aug 2017

    Field Visit by 'A' Team

  • 1st Sept 2017

    Deeper Understanding by 'A' Team (weekly calls)

  • Day 50

    Defining Big Impact Goal

  • Day 60

    Brainstorming on Strategies/Ideas

  • Day 70

    Choose Key Strategies

  • Day 60 - 200

    Leverage Partners & Connections

Planning & Execution
  • Day 60 - 70

    Create Big Impact Plan

  • Day 90

    Power Up Session with Intensive Council

  • Day 70 - 364


  • Day 180 & 270

    2 Power Up Sessions with Intensive council

  • Day 365

    Final Impact Presentation

‘A’ Team


Image of Ashutosh Vaidya, Team member of Global Action on Poverty (GAP)rty (GAP)

Ashutosh Vaidya


30+ years of experience in global services/consulting/technology industries. Solid track record...




Nabard has offered to support Atchuta in two tribal villages. Atchuta is in the process of preparing the documents as requested by NABARD.

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