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GAP Intensive Initiative

Water, Sanitation & Energy

Start Date : 15th November 2017

About Watsan

Image of Chandrasekaran J for Global Action on Poverty

Chandrasekaran Jeyaraman



Founded in 2009 by the benign efforts of Chandrasekaran. J, an expert in Plastics Technology, the proprietary firm “Custom Parts Online” started making many innovative products to address the soaring needs of common people.

The name WATSAN was coined by blending the words ‘Water’ and ‘Sanitation’, which are the two main aspects of our establishment. WATSAN’s sole purpose is to provide water and sanitary solutions to the rural population by manufacturing and distributing low-cost, yet effective electricity-free water filters to urban slums and rural families who cannot afford other expensive options.

Since the inception of the water purifier unit, WATSAN gained a prominent place in the rural market. Soon after, the modular toilet unit was established to attend to the thriving sanitary requirements of the nation. WATSAN is committed to deliver quality drinking water and sanitary requirements with eco-friendly resources at an affordable price tag. WATSAN’s pioneering steps in bringing welfare to the nation has been recognized and had been lauded with numerous awards for the great services it has offered.

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  • 16th Nov 2017

    Intensive Leader & Changemaker Connect

  • Day 10

    Formation of 'A' Team

  • Day 14

    Initial 'A' Team & Changemaker Connect

  • Day 30

    Field Visit by 'A' Team

  • Day 31 - 49

    Deeper Understanding by 'A' Team (weekly calls)

  • Day 50

    Defining Big Impact Goal

  • Day 60

    Brainstorming on Strategies/Ideas

  • Day 70

    Choose Key Strategies

  • Day 60 - 200

    Leverage Partners & Connections

Planning & Execution
  • Day 60 - 70

    Create Big Impact Plan

  • Day 90

    Power Up Session with Intensive Council

  • Day 70 - 364


  • Day 180 & 270

    2 Power Up Sessions with Intensive council

  • Day 365

    Final Impact Presentation

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