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Rakesh Soans

Image of Rakesh Soans for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Rakesh S. Soans is the full-time president of FSL India. He is a corporate philanthropist and an ardent supporter of international volunteerism. He is passionate about Volunteerism and inter-cultural learning and feels every youth should get an opportunity to experience it at least once. In mid-nineties he did his voluntary service in Denmark and since then he is in the development sector with varied capacity. In 2001, he was inducted to FSL cadre and since 2004 has been leading the organization as President.

/> He has been the principal actor in expanding the work of FSL India. Due to his dynamic leadership with conviction and commitment, over the years FSL India has grown to a new height with national and international reputation.

Currently he is holding the responsibility of Treasurer in CCIVS (UNESCO).

He is an Ex- Vice President for Fund Raising at CCIVS (UNESCO), Master Trainer - Experiential Education and Intercultural Facilitation and attended several training, Seminar and Conference Worldwide.

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