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Kavita Sardana

Lecturer, Nutritionist, Social Worker

Kavita is a lecturer, nutritionist, humanitarian and a welfare worker. She is self-motivated, team-oriented, effective communicator with a passion for teaching. She is actively involved in channelizing the energies of differently-abled children, helping them embrace a healthy, nutritional status, and thereby infusing in them the confidence to become a contributing part of the society. She presently

works as an Associate at SPJ Sadhana School, Mumbai, a partner of BFIT (Brain Fitness Centre for Cognitive Enrichment) and a Resource Person & Associate for Sophia Centre for Women’s Studies & Development (SCWD), Sophia Campus, Mumbai. She has over 20 years of experience as a Senior Lecturer of Home Science (Grade XI & XII Arts - CBSE) under the Delhi Administration, Govt. of NCT, Delhi.

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