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GAP Intensive Initiative

Employment For Genuine And Needy Youth

Start Date : 25th August 2017

Big Impact Goal

To provide sustainable employment to 850+ unemployed youth by December 2018.

About TallBird Employment Innovations

Image of Shobhit Mathur, Changemaker for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Shobhit Mathur

TallBird Employment Innovations

New Delhi

TallBird is a social enterprise focused on empowering people from economically weak background to find the right jobs. So far Tall Bird has placed more than 1200 needy job seekers through its network in Ahmedabad.

Currently in Delhi they are aiming to replicate their proven model and make it sustainable by introducing revenue streams.

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Key Achievements

Completed the Discovery info set with the help of Coach Shyam

  • 17th Aug 2017

    Intensive Leader & Changemaker Connect

  • 1st Oct 2017

    Formation of 'A' Team

  • 22nd Aug 2017

    Initial 'A' Team & Changemaker Connect

  • 24th Aug 2017

    Field Visit by 'A' Team

  • 1st Sept 2017

    Deeper Understanding by 'A' Team (weekly calls)

  • Day 50

    Defining Big Impact Goal

  • Day 60

    Brainstorming on Strategies/Ideas

  • Day 70

    Choose Key Strategies

  • Day 60 - 200

    Leverage Partners & Connections

Planning & Execution
  • Day 60 - 70

    Create Big Impact Plan

  • Day 90

    Power Up Session with Intensive Council

  • Day 70 - 364


  • Day 180 & 270

    2 Power Up Sessions with Intensive council

  • Day 365

    Final Impact Presentation

‘A’ Team


Image of Shyam Malhotra for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Shyam Malhotra

Executive & Business Coach

After thirty plus years as a business builder Shyam is now an executive & business coach, m...

Business Expert

Image of Vipul Mathur for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Vipul Mathur

Brand Specialist

Vipul is a seasoned business and brand specialist with over 17 years' experience in managing an...

Social Sector Expert

Image of Gaurav Shah for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Gaurav Shah


Gaurav is the founder of Indian School of Development Management. He was the Head Expansion and...

Student Volunteer

Image of Samhita Khuntia for Global Action on Poverty (GAP)

Samhita Khuntia


Samhita is the youngest member of this ‘A’ team. A recent graduate of Shri Ram College of C...

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