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Dharma Endeavours – Progress Story

Dharma Endeavours is a for-profit social enterprise working towards its vision of leveraging revenue from tourism to fund community development and culture conservation at Hampi, a World Heritage Site in the state of Karnataka, India.

In essence, three main pillars make up Dharma’s work: social development, culture conservation and revenue generation.

Tying together the revenue generation streams and culture conservation initiatives will be a cultural centre in Hampi that taps into five sources of revenue: rooms for rent to visitors, traditional food, handicrafts, customised experiences and cultural programs.

Tying together the social development activities, a significant percentage of the net profits will be used to develop a village in Hampi and its surrounding areas into a model for change.

Incorporated in March of 2016, Dharma has been actively operational for a year and a half.

Key Insights


1. We are actively pursuing the following revenue sources:

  • Accommodations for visitors in traditional Hampi homes
  • Customised experiences for visitors to Hampi


2. In social development, the following initiatives are currently being launched:

Education: working with a team of 3 to launch a teacher training and development program for teachers of the school of Kaddirampura,

Farmers co-operative: through Dharma’s efforts, it has been possible to tie up with a resort in the area for farmers to sell their organic produce. Talks are now in the pipeline for us to create a co-operative, begin training programs and to further link to other markets. We have tied up with a local non-profit organization in order to enable this.

3. GAP’s coaching has worked in the following areas:

  • To provide necessary insights from experienced professionals to build my skills as an entrepreneur
  • To provide strategy-level thinking to manoeuvre the project in the right direction
  • To provide necessary connections and networking opportunities


Anupama Kalgudi

Dharma Endeavours
Social Entrepreneur
P: +91 7259 446424

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