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Rekha Shetty

Media Professional

“They say, “Content is King.” I say, “Content that adds value to the people’s life is king.”

As a media professional with 10 years of experience in the world of creative / content writing, branding and promotion, Rekha has helped build many brands and campaigns.

And as a storyteller, she has weaved many stories for mediums like TV, Radio and Online. These stories revolve around brands as well as around my

observation as an avid marathoner, trekker and a baker. Being the one always interested in social development, it was time she made the conscious decision of helping build brands or people that believe in bringing a change in the society with their work.

Through her expertise, she wanted to be instrumental in bringing a change in various Changemakers’ life and in turn imbibe their passion where both work towards creating a better world.

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