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Abhishek Mukherjee

Talking Street

Abhishek joined Hindustan Unilever (HUL) from campus and started sales & marketing assignments across India and Rotterdam. He worked on key projects on kids’ nutrition, marketing,sales & distribution. During his extensive travels for managing sales in eastern India, he got a very good exposure on grass root trade, socio-economic and other shifts happening in India's vast hinterland.

He has worked in several areas like analytics consulting with a start-up for P&G, Britannia, where he implemented many business transformation projects

to positively impact distribution, customer management, training & incentives to sales team of 800+ people. Biggest learning in this stint was strategy & seamless execution need to go hand-in-hand and how to influence a 90 year old company's ways of working.

For last 2 years+ he has been at Myntra- India's leading fashion e-commerce company. This experience has put him at the cusp of retail, technology and fashion and how consumer internet is transforming the realms of each of these.

He is currently the Co-founder at Talking Street.

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