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Womenite – Progress Story

I am a final year undergraduate student at NSIT, New Delhi. Womenite is a social initiative of mine where we are trying to create an equal society through Education, Love and Empowerment. Womenite was initiated with the narrower aim of imparting a career drive to homemakers who spend the day doing only household chores. But as we evolved we realised that Women Empowerment is an umbrella under which there are various societal issues that needed to be resolved. We also realized that empowerment has to begin when the beneficiary is still young in age.

So, we started working with school chidlren to get a deeper insight of the problem. We are currently doing workshops in schools and colleges on issues like Gender and Sexual Identity.

Emotional Well-being and child rights, including prevention of sexual abuse to break stereotypes and various taboos prevailing in our society. I was fascinated by the concept of Entrepreneurship when I started college. I always had a desire to work for the community since I was very young but didn’t know how to connect the dots. But I decided to combine my fascination with entrepreneurship with my commitment to serve the community and that is how Womenite was born.

At Womenite, we’re working on an online Counselling and Community Portal where there will be a network of professionals such as Clinical Psychologists, Gynecologists, etc. People would be able to get their queries resolved, complain about an issue, etc by using technology.

We plan to launch the same on 12th August, i.e. International Youth Day.

Since I got selected as a Changemaker in GAP, there has been a great momentum. Womenite has conducted a series of events and workshops. We have conducted 2 Rahgiri Campaigns at Delhi. The campaigns aimed to promote Happiness through ‘Free Hugs’ and Equality. We also conducted awareness sessions for over 2000 students. We organized 2 Fund Raising Events. The funds collected were used to organize the 1st Feminist Festival of Delhi – Darpan 2016 on 10th March.


How GAP Coaching helped


GAP coaching has been a great accelerating factor in the growth of Womenite. The first part of the GAP program was the ‘My Change’ form that led to a true introspection and helped me in following my passion. My coach Ms. Asiya Shervani is one of the best mentors I’ve met in my life. She has been guiding me constantly since the beginning of this program.

GAP coaching has been fruitful in terms of connections I’ve made with people from Teach For India to Social Entrepreneurs in the Education field. Ma’am has also helped me in designing content for our workshops by providing information of websites(that were unknown to me) dealing with issues such as child sexual abuse and various stereotypes in daily life.I hope to learn a lot from the GAP coaching and my mentor.


Further Help I need:


We are trying for government support so that we can reach to more schools in a shorter duration of time. Also, we are still struggling on our financial model to sustain ourselves. Next, we require help from organizations who provide counselling expertise so that we can partner with them for our Counselling Portal.


Harshit Gupta
Social Entrepreneur

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