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Madhulika Mishra – Progress Story

In her struggle to move out of the comfort of her home and work in the social sector, Madhulika did face a lot of challenges. Unhindered by these struggles she has successfully proved to be a true change maker.

She focuses on working with men, women and children from the urban slum communities to address issues related to their health, hygiene and welfare. Her idea for change is to garner respect and recognition for the migrated communities based in the cities and advocate for their social security.

She is looking forward to enhance her understanding of gender in attempt to ensure andĀ advocate the fundamental rights of women, Dalits and minorities who dwell in migrated urban slums.

Impact on the Society

1. Has procured identity cards for 200 people in the slum including labourers

2. Currently has set up SHG -Self Help Groups for around 40 women in the community called the Saakar Group. The Saakar GroupĀ is working to polish the skills of their art forms which are then supplied as finished product to shops


Current Challenges


1. Creating /collating identity proof certifications /records for people.

2. The TRVAHA fellowship which provides Rs.60, 000 annually is coming to an end by August 2015.

3. She needs to identify financial resources to sustain herself and her team of 4 people.


Future Plan


The SHG Saakar aims to provide the women better prices for the handicrafts, connect them directly with the sales personnel and create a platform to give them recognition.


GAP Impact


1. Currently GAP Connect – is helping her identify resources for setting up a Resource centre in the Community.

2. She is in touch with Mentor Vijay Mahajan – who is identifying an SBI Project for her to help set up bank accounts and savings and enable loan facilities for people in the Community.



Phone: +91 9450482691

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